Yellow Travel Touring and Freeride Camp Lyngen


Genieße die umwerfende Schönheit der Natur Norwegens und erlebe die Magie dieses einzigartigen Freeride Camps in einer rustikalen Lodge.


About Us

We keep getting asked what ‘YellowTRAVEL’ is all about – so for those of you who wish to know – here goes......

What is YellowTRAVEL?

The Yellowsnow Snowboard and Freeski Club was formed in 1999 in the Upper Puster Valley (Hochpustertal) area of East Tirol (Osttirol). Yellowsnow has since grown steadily and now has more than 100 members. The Yellowsnow Club was a pioneer of the free skiing and Snowboarding movement in East Tirol which has now become so popular. The first snowpark in East Tirol was developed from a Yellowsnow idea. We organise parties, photo-shoots, events, and most of all support the snowboarding and freeride community. It was agreed last winter by our Big Cheese Christof Schett, that it was time to expand the Yellowsnow community, and we aim to eventually become one of Europe’s biggest platforms for Freeriders and Freestylers. So we have taken a few steps in this direction – one of which is the founding of YellowTRAVEL. Yellowtravel offers programmes for Companies, clubs, groups and individuals. The emphasis is on both passion for the sport and the shared experience. We want to take you to places that you have either never heard of or never thought of going to, but we can also show you the other side of better known resorts too .
We want to make it both fun and a bit of an adventure for everyone.


Whose idea was it, and who is it for?

Christof and Mathe...not a couple in that sense, but 2 good friends who Fate brought together through their search for life enhancing activities, and who get the same buzz from combining travel with freeriding. ‘It is our aim to do what we love to do as much as we can, and with people who tick the same way’
That covers quite a lot. EVERYONE who wants to is welcome to come with us. We can’t guarantee sunshine and perfect conditions every day, but if you can bring enthusiasm and a little pioneer spirit, you will take a lot of good energy back home with you.


Where do we go?

Good things come in small packages. We simply want to offer good, diverse tours for young (and also the no-longer-quite–so-young!) freeriders looking for the ‘next big thing’. We see great potential to companies in the benefits of what we offer and will be creating tours specifically for that market. In addition to our existing programme, we will be offering bike tours from next spring – naturally along the same lines as the winter programme. For now though, we would be quite happy with great snow this winter and all our tours coming home without incident.

PP/Night from US$ 267