Quiksilver Surflodge Sagres

Portugal: Algarve

Komfortables, weitläufiges Surfhouse, mit Blick auf den Atlantik. Große Terrasse und Pool. Nur 5 Minuten vom Spot entfernt.

LowPressure Stormrider Surf Guide says


South Algarve, Portugal, Europe

 The Algarve is the southwestern corner of the Iberian Peninsula and is an intoxicating mix of Atlantic and Mediterranean influences. It was the last major European surf region to be explored and although it doesn’t contain the classic reefs of central Portugal, the potential for good, uncrowded waves is high. The countryside is a gently undulating mesh of forests and small fields, leading down to an undeveloped coastline of high cliffs and long empty beaches scattered with rocks. The small, lively town of Sagres is well located to take advantage of the wide swell window of Cape St-Vincent, where the west and south coasts meet.

 The Algarve has been every foreigner’s favourite slice of Portugal for decades now and surfers are no exception. It might lack some of the wave quality of Peniche and Ericeira but the laid back country vibe more than makes up for that, attracting ever increasing numbers of foreign surfers escaping from the icy winters of northern Europe. Being on the corner of the Iberian Peninsula means the Algarve has the widest swell window in the country and regular offshores on the south coast. SE wind swells can get these usually flat beaches pumping, while big winter nor'westers will wrap into the coves beyond Sagres. The Algarve is a year round destination but autumn through to spring is really the peak period because the summer can be stinking hot and with long flat spells. Winter can still be warm enough for t-shirts and the water is the warmest in Portugal.

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There are many surfing spots right next to each other with reefs, point breaks and beach breaks that spread out in all directions. That means the best conditions for huge waves in your precious vacation time. If you don’t have a lot of free time and want lots of waves with different difficulty levels, the Algarve is just right for you!

PP/Night from US$ 31